" Waiter & Waitress "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

attentive - beverage - chains - clearing - coffee - deliver - duties - guests - needs - operating
orders - ordinary - patron - quality - range - register - resort - setting - Tips - wants

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Waiters and waitresses take and serve food in restaurants, shops and other establishments. The of service they helps determine whether or not the will return. That’s because service sells. The food maybe completely but if the waiters and waitresses are friendly and , customers will come back again and again. Job opportunities can from local diners to national , to expensive restaurants in major cities and areas. The key to success is always the same: put yourself in the customer shoes. are a major share of the take-on pay of a waiter or waitress and the ones who receive the biggest tips are the ones who make their customers feel special, by anticipating their and before they have to ask for anything. In addition, depending on the type of a restaurant, waiters and waitresses may perform additional that are generally associated with other food and occupations, such as escorting to tables, up or tables or the cash .