" Restaurant Cook "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

afternoons - bread - broiler - chopping - dinner - executive - filling - hire - ingredients - master - meals - menu
order - paring - party - pastry - peeling - planning - recipe - rush - selection - serving - staff - techniques

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Across the nation, over 700,000 restaurant cooks prepare literally millions of each day; most of them cook to . Since different foods require different preparation and cooking times, the dinner order for just a of four can be a major challenge. That’s the challenge restaurant cooks routinely . Specific duties vary depending on the restaurant: in smaller establishments, the cook may be responsible for everything, from and to buying , to , and and of course, cooking them. In large restaurants, cooks work under the direction of an chef and may specialise in areas like or -making, cooking or preparation. Our cook’s work schedule is usually tied to the restaurant hours, that can mean working late at night. But it can also mean that your will be free, between the end of the noon time and the beginning of the hour. Certainly a love of cooking is essential but increasingly, so too is vocational or other post-secondary school training. The best and best-paying hotels and restaurants tend to cooks with the most formal training. After all, the success of their restaurants depends on their cooks and kitchen .