" Manager "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

butchers - charged - cleaners - complaints - confer - delivers - enormously - firing - goods - grocers - hiring - institutions
items - leave - linen - portions - profitability - putting - quality - responsible - scale - server - set-up - size - supplier - waste

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Food service managers are not only responsible for food on the table, at colleges, large restaurants and . They’re also responsible for the table and for the preparation of the who takes the order and the meal. In fact, food service managers do everything that restaurant managers do, but on a much larger . They with chefs and cooks regarding the on the day’s menu, the of the and the price to be . They keep a sharp eye out for and they do their best to maximize without sacrificing . Often, this means negotiating the best deal with every kind of , from and green to services. It may also mean inspecting deliveries personally to make sure that the delivered are correct and of the highest quality. Food service managers are also for making sure everything runs smoothly in the dining-room. That can mean and sometimes … , servers, table and other workers. It also means constantly monitoring the quality of service and dealing with customers’ inquiries or , quickly and tactfully. The hours are long: food service managers are often the first to arrive and the last to . And at times, the pressure can be considerable. But few other salary position in any industry are so much like owning and running your own business. For many, this fact makes a career as a food service manager n> satisfying.