" Food Preparation "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

ambitious - boning - cafeterias - catering - delis - follow - food - hygiene - kitchen - meal
mixing - peeling - requirements - scrubbing - service - staff - tasks - vegetables - workers

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Although there are few formal for food preparation workers, not everyone has what it takes to keep a busy running smoothly at time rush hours. Being able to perform in the most efficient manner is essential in this career, as is the ability to instructions and work well with the rest of the kitchen . Duties vary with each job. That can include , and preparing , de- fish and making sandwiches or bread and pastry . Opportunities can be found at restaurants, and fast food establishments, as well as at private firms and school and hospital . Any place that serves food needs food preparation . Care regarding personal is essential so a certificate from the State’s Department of Public Health is usually required. If you are and eager to work, becoming a - worker can be a great place to start a career.