" Fold Batter "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

airy - along - denser - edge - folding - gently - ingredients - into - Keep - light - mixture - other - quarter - Reaching - remaining - technique - through - together - until - whites

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Folding is a used to combine a and mixture like whipped cream or egg with a mixture without deflating the air whipped into the egg white.
Using this spatula I’ll add a of these whipped whites into the denser chocolate based and then stir them together to lighten in the chocolate base. Then I’ll add the egg whites the mixture and fold them like this.
into the centre of the bowl with the spatula cut the two , then pull the spatula out up the of the bowl and up, gently over the mixture. With your hand, rotate the bowl as you go. folding the mixture they’re just combined. Don’t over mix or you deflate the whipped egg whites.