" Fast-food Cook "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

benefits - career - chains - chickens - cook - diners - fries - front - hamburgers
items - locations - manager - part - pay - pizzas related - run - time - wage

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Fast-food cooks work in local , bars and restaurants and in operated by national fast-food . They prepare , hot-dogs, , French , fried , deli-sandwiches and other basic menu . The hours are long, the work is often -, the is not much above the minimum and there are usually no . Yet, being a fast-food has a lot to offer those with eyes on a in food services. Often filled by high school and college students, this line position offers observant workers and inside look at what it’s like to a restaurant or food service operation. And that can be excellent preparation for a career as a chef, restaurant or occupation.