" Dough Skills "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

before - begin - chance - circle - cool - dough - easier - evenly - few - filled - flour - happen - ideal - needed - outwards - over - quickly - stickiness - sticky - underneath

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An surface for rolling out is a piece of marble which is naturally . The dough should also be cold so that the butter is firm and not . If the weather is warm you can chill your marble or your counter top with a sheet tray with ice.
Now slightly sprinkle the surface, the dough and the rolling pin with a little bit of . Always begin pounding the dough willing to make it pieable and to roll, like this. The pounding will soften the butter without making it, hum, sticky. Then when you rolling, roll from the centre pressing firmly and . Rotate the dough every few turns, every rolls, this will help make a and it also allows you to check the .
If the dough does to stick, use your pinch-scraper to loosen the surface , move the dough , and then you can lightly sprinkle the surface with a little more flour as .
Work pretty so that the dough doesn’t have the to soften and get sticky.