" Cutting Chocolate "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

across - bar - broader - catch - cool - curls - easier - easy - final - firmly - handle - heat - helpful - motion - narrow - palm - pieces - quality - rich - spoon - spot - tricks - use - wider

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Large blocks of chocolate can be the beginning of a dessert or the key to a decoration. Here are a couple of for chopping chocolate and for making .
A large bar or block needs to be cut into small so that it melt evenly. Do this with a serrated knife or a cook’s knife. Grip the and place your on top of the plaque. Use a rocking to shape the chocolate or to chop it into small pieces.
Chocolate curls can make a simple dessert into something spectacular. Start with a of chocolate in fact slightly warm. Steadying in a warm in your kitchen, or putting it in the micro-wave for 15 seconds is an way to do this. If you’re doing this for the first time, milk chocolate, it’s much to use. Carefully but , draw a vegetable peeler the bar of chocolate to create the curls. If you want curls, simply use the skewer pointy side of your chocolate. For curls, use the edge and carefully draw your curls down.
Working over a piece of parchment paper is really . It helps you your curls so you don’t have to handle them too much: the from your hand would melt the curls. Scoop the chocolate up with a , or by using the paper and sprinkle it over your favourite dessert. Store the curls in a sealed container in a spot or in a freezer for up to a week.