" Buttercream Rose "

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To make butter cream roses, you’ll need these tools : a decorating nail, some of parchment paper slightly than the head of the nail, a rose petal tip for the pastry bag and a very butter cream that is not too .
First, glue this square to the nail with a little bit of butter cream. With the pastry bag full of butter cream, hold the nail in your hand, the bag in your if you’re right-handed, and place the wider end of the rose tip on the paper just the centre. Hang on the of the tip inward and while piping rotate the nail 360 to form a small cone. Then make a second on top of the first slightly and coming to a point at the top.
To form petals, place the bottom of the tip the cone, like so and pipe three petals spaced the cone, turning the nail as you go. Lift the tip up and then wording an arc to make a edged petal. Make a second of petals staggering them so that they’re not directly below the first row. Keep going like this until your rose looks . Carefully remove the rose from the nail and keep refrigerated until to use.