" Bartender "

Watch the video then fill in the gaps with the following words:

anyone - beer - being - brands - busiest - customers - income - lounge - mixed - orders
part - patrons - people - regular - schedule - seated - tips - training - waiters - welcoming

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Bartenders fill the , wine and drink waters that and waitresses take from seated in a restaurant or a . Most do the same for at the bar. Whether through vocational school or personal experience most bartenders know how to prepare drink quickly and efficiently, even during an establishment periods. However, since the same are available everywhere, the most important part of a bartender’s job is usually the creation of a friendly atmosphere that encourages customers to return on a basis. Bartenders spend a lot of their time on their feet and depend on for substantial part of their . In addition, half of our bartenders work a time . Regardless of schedule, a bar tender can be a very satisfying job for who is genuinely interested in other .